C0095 Furry Story

Characters Kokurou & Arc Jam

thanks very much to Nova Draconus write it great for my site


Koku and Jam, two big strong Lifeguards over the summer, find themselves hypnotized and enslaved by a mysterious person.

Jam is a sports man, loving to show off his body and work out, flaunting what he's got for the attention

Koku is similar, but not as strong and a little less of an obvious flirt.

Two handsome dragons, property of Kokurou/Digiknight, turned into hypnotized slaves on request




Summer Nights


The warm Summers day was clear with a slight breeze, just enough to bring the scents of the ocean wafting towards the beach-goers enjoying this beautiful day.  Everyone from Families to good friends hanging out on the white-sand beach.


From atop the Lifeguards Tower, two imposing figures stood looking over the beach.  At first glance, one would almost expect them to be brothers.  Two strong forms, wearing the red speedo and white muscle-shirt of Lifeguards kept a lookout to keep everyone on the beach safe.


The first: Kokurou, a particularly handsome dragon of confident build and stature.  His ever-alert eyes keeping watch over the sands.  The second: Jam, a dragon of similar build and stature, but more active and energetic, his gaze cast out over the ocean as he posed and flexed for those near trying to get his attention.  Both were highly trained and dedicated to their job as lifeguards.


The day continued as perfectly as it begun, no incidents in the water or on the sands.  Everyone having a pleasant day at the beach, even the two lifeguards, who received several flattering calls up to them. 


As the night came, and the beach had to be closed, Koku and Jam were roped into doing cleanup as well, just traveling up and down the beach to pick up any garbage thrown where it should not have been.  Jam, being the more energetic one, complained but went about his work, knowing the faster it was done, the sooner they both could get something filling to eat.


As they walked along the beach, Koku found something half-burried in the sand.


"What's this?"  The dragon said, reaching down to pick up a decorated stone cube from the sands.


Jam looked over, laughing. "Probably some kid's toy, forgotten at the beach.  Come on, we'll drop it off at the Lost and Found, then get some steaks!"


Koku shrugged, as the two went on with their sweep, his hands tracing over the cube, thinking it reminded him of one of those puzzle toys, where you have to match up the sides.  Giving it a half-hearted twist, Koku found the seemingly solid block to rotate easily in half, the central image split in four as he continues to play with it, soon lining up all six sides with complete images of runes.


Jam just watched, head tilted in amusement as Jam Koku finished the puzzle, tossing the last soda can he could find into the garbage bin.  "Aww there you go, solving it before you could give it back." 


Koku just shook his head, chuckling. "Ah come on, I couldn't help it I just got the urge to try to solve it."  he puts the cube into his waist-pouch, as the two head off to get a nice supper. 


Later that night, they both found themselves laying sleepless in their beds, feeling uncomfortable.  Koku left the cube on his bedside table, the runes casting a faint, barely noticible glow while he tried to get to sleep.  Soon enough, he fell into a deep sleep, Dreaming of hands caressing over his muscular body, as he danced for them.


Jam on the other hand slept soundly, dreams only disturbed by the feeling of someone whispering softly to him, softly about how good it feels to just Relax and let himself Drift.


The next morning, both Koku and Jam woke feeling tired and felt they would be best to take the day to rest.  With today being a day off for them both, they were somewhat lucky.  Jam came to visit his friend, noticing the cube sitting on his coffee table.


"What's that doing here, I thought you left it in the Lost and Found box."   Jam looked surprised, but was oddly tired and didn't feel like arguing about it.  Jam sat back onto the couch, yawning widely.  Koku on the other hand was dozing lightly on the couch, the cube glosing lightly. 


As the two sat there, they felt themselves grow even more tired, their gazes focusing on the cube as they seemed to fade away, eyes growing glassy and unfocused as they stare at the cube, Koku starting to drool a little as both handsome dragons relax quite completely. 


After some time, the two barely register the sounds of the door opening as someone comes in.  They look up when addressed, smiling mindlessly and both sliding to their knees.


"Master, we are your eager slaves."  Koku rumbled, smiling happily.


"Master, our mind and bodies our yours"  Jam said, the two dragons clad only in their lifeguard speedos, bodies on display for their new Master.  A hand reaches down and pockets the cube, before the figure steps between the two dragons, caressing their heads in soft, accepting adoration, the two hypnotized dragons leaning against those hands in mindless surrender.


"My good slaves,"  the figure said, "You found my cube just as I hoped, the both of you are pleasing to the eye, and the perfect slaves for me."


Both dragons smiled quite happily, letting themselves surrender to their new life and new Master.